Top 10 Best Grout Removal Tools

Removing grout is a fairly tedious process. Having the right grout removal tools, though, can speed up your work and create more professional-looking results. When it comes to grout removal, you can use a manual tool or opt for an attachment to your power tools. What you pick will depend on your budget, your patience, and how much grout you need to remove. 

But whether you are touching up a few lines or completely re-grouting a bathroom, you’ll want to invest in a tool that’s reliable, works quickly, and creates spaces ready for fresh grout. We’ve looked through the grout removal kits and tools available in 2021 and found the best options to help you get the job done right.

Best Overall

Dremel 568 Grout Removal Kit 8.4 Check Price

Best Mid Range

DeWalt Universal Fitment Carbide Oscillating Blade 9.0 Check Price

Cheaper Choice

REETREE Grout Removal Tool 8.6 Check Price

Mu-Moon 8-Inch Angled Grout Hand Saw 8.6 Check Price

Spyder 100234 Grout-Out Multi-Blade 8.4 Check Price

Regrout Tool – Electric Grout Remover 7.4 Check Price

Mu-Moon Grout Removal Tool 8.6 Check Price

BiQeouc 2 Pack Tile Grout Removal Tool 9.0 Check Price

M-D Building Products 49066 Heavy Duty Tile Grout Saw 8.2 Check Price

GALAX PRO Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit 9.2 Check Price

1. DeWalt Universal Fitment Carbide Oscillating Blade (Best Mid Range)

Check Price

UNIVERSAL FITMENT for use on all major brands
No adapter required
Sign wave design provides 2X faster grout removal

If you already have a reliable power tool at home, then this DeWalt attachment is a great buy. It’s made to fit a variety of oscillating power tools, including Bosch, Dremel, and Rockwell brand tools. The large carbide blade makes quick work of grout lines, so if you have a lot of area to cover, this is a tool you’ll want on hand.

  • Fits a variety of handheld oscillating power tools
  • Carbide steel is tough enough to withstand large areas of grout removal
  • You’ll need to either own or purchase a handheld power tool to use the blade

2. REETREE Grout Removal Tool (Best Value)

Check Price

✅ VERSATILITY: Remove unwanted grout, thinset, mortar, caulking or dirt from tile joints and seams, fits any width of tile seams or deeper tile joint
✅ TOP HARD TIPS: Made from super hard metal Tun...

These manual grout removal tools from REETREE are a great buy that don’t require a power tool investment. The tungsten tips on the tool are super durable, so you can scrape away at grout without wearing it out. The three different tip sizes are ideal for getting into grouts of different depths and widths. The 13-inch handle gives you plenty of leverage and the soft ergonomic grip will help keep your hands from getting tired while you work.

  • No additional tools or purchases required
  • Different tip sizes help you work with different grout depths and get into corners
  • No powered motion to help remove grout faster

3. Dremel 568 Grout Removal Kit (Best Overall)

Check Price

Now grout removal is easy.
Easily screws on to the front of your DREMEL rotary tool
Removes both wall and floor grout
Includes No. 569 - 1/16-inch Carbide Grout Removal Bit
For use with rotary tool...

If you ready have a Dremel handheld rotary tool on hand, you know how handy they are for DIY projects. These grout removal kits turn that already-useful tool into a grout removal powerhouse. The kit comes with a 1/16″ carbide bit, perfect for cutting through grout like butter. The grout removal attachment provides useful guidance for staying between tiles and adjusting the depth.

  • Angled tool head helps keep grout removal lines consistent and avoids damaging tiles
  • Easy to adjust grout cutting depth so you can get as deep as you need
  • You’ll need a Dremel rotary tool for the job, not included with the kit

4. Mu-Moon 8-Inch Angled Grout Hand Saw

Check Price

This grout removal tool is specifically made to clean out or remove old dirty pitted grout so you can put new grout in for a cleaner look. Specially angled handle, and the specially designed blades...

Another great manual grout removal tool, this Mu-Moon tool has an angled handle that’s ideal for scraping out old grout. The tool comes with four blades so you can replace the blades as they wear out. It’s an affordable manual tool that will help you get out old pitted grout ready to look like new again.

  • Angled handle makes it easy to drag blades along grout lines on the wall or floor
  • Comes with three extra blades 
  • You may need to purchase additional blades for bigger jobs

5. Spyder 100234 Grout-Out Multi-Blade

Check Price

Remove grout in a fraction of time including epoxy and urethane
Fits all reciprocating saws
Insert as you would a standard blade
Made from carbon steel with a Carbide grit edge for maximum performa...

This Spyder Grout-Out blade works on typical sanded or unsanded grout as well as the increasingly popular epoxy grout types. The blades are compatible with most reciprocating saw brands, so no need to worry about what type you own. With two blades, you can easily take on more than one area. The carbide grit along the edge of the blade will get out stubborn grout, though it may be difficult to use in corner and tight areas.

  • Fits most brands of reciprocating saws
  • Comes with two carbide grit edge blades
  • May be too bulky to get into tighter areas and corners

6. Regrout Tool Electric Grout Remover

Check Price

Unconditional 30-day money back guarantee, we KNOW this powerful tool can get any job done!
Sturdy carbide tips -- easily popping out grout.
Perfect for: the Do-It-Yourself crowd, tile setters, gen...

The Regrout Tool is a power tool specifically made for grout removal. The rubberized grip makes it easy to take hold and keep control of the tool while you work. The powerful motor ensures the tool is ready to work as long as you are. Overall, it’s a solid tool for grout removal, especially if you have a lot of grout to remove or working as a contractor.

  • The powerful motor will run for hours without overheating
  • Won the Do-It-Yourself Product of the Year award in Europe
  • Only does grout removal, so won’t be useful for any other DIY project like other power tools might be

7. Mu-Moon Grout Removal Tool

Check Price

Great Hand Tool: Ideal for the removal of unwanted grout, mortar, thinset, caulking and surface residue, does best for small jobs and detail work.
Durable Tip: Durable tips made of super hard metal...

This alloy tool from Mu-Moon deserves a place in your toolbox. This 10-inch tool has a tough alloy triangular tip that chips out old grout with ease. The handle provides a comfortable grip so you can hold on tight without making your hands sore. This tool is perfect for smaller, detailed jobs, and can be the perfect companion tool for larger jobs done by oscillating saw attachments.

  • A comfortable handle prevents hand exhaustion while you work
  • Triangle alloy tip will hold up for hours of grout removal
  • Great for small, detailed jobs but not efficient for larger work

8. BiQeouc 2 Pack Tile Grout Removal Tool

Check Price

GREAT REMOVAL TOOL: Comes with 2 pack hand tools. Removes unwanted grout, mortar, caulking or dirt from tile joints and seams, fits any width of tile seams or deeper tile joints. Do best for small ...

The BiQeouc 2 Pack Tile Grout Removal Tool comes with two tools so you can get a friend or family member to help. The angled handles are ideal for reaching into tight corners or removing grout along a ceiling joint. Tungsten steel tips will work for hours without wearing down. Plus, they’re tougher than the typical carbide option you’ll find on most other tools.

  • Angled tool is great for reaching into corners
  • Tungsten steel tips are tougher than the typical carbide option
  • It may be a slower option for larger jobs, so consider pairing it with a hand-held power tool

9. M-D Building Products 49066 Heavy Duty Tile Grout Saw

Check Price

Use to repair or replace damaged grout
Long lasting diamond cutting blades
Ergonomic handle

This classic grout removal tool from M-D Building Products has diamond blades for lasting performance. You can replace them when they start to wear down, but you’ll get plenty of use out of each one. The handle is ergonomically designed to keep working hands from getting tired. You should be able to make quick work out of your damaged grout lines with this handheld saw. 

  • Affordable heavy-duty grout saw
  • Diamond blades can be replaced as needed
  • Diamond blades will scratch glass tile surfaces

10. GALAX PRO Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

Check Price

Powerful and durable: The powerful 2.4A motor provides 21000 oscillations per minute depending on the needs of the task at hand and making cutting, sawing, trimming, grinding and sanding easy and s...

These grout removal kits are a hand-held oscillating multi-tool that you can put to work on a variety of DIY projects, including grinding, sanding, cutting, and scraping. It handles grout removal like a pro, too. Simply attach the grinding tool and let the powerful motor chip away old grout with ease. The included attachments have everything you need to get this job (and many others) done right.

  • Comes with 28 attachments so you can tackle a variety of DIY projects even after the grout is gone
  • Premium motor provides plenty of power to tackle tough grout tiles quickly
  • A pricier option if all you want to do is remove grout

If you have a lot grout to do, consider investing in a multi-tool and then purchasing a special grout removal attachment. These make quick work of grout removal, but they are the more expensive option. If you are on a budget or only have a small area that needs work, the manual tools are the tried-and-true method of grout removal. With a little elbow grease and the help of these useful tools, you can get out the old grout and make your bathroom or kitchen look like new again.