The 6 Best Glow in the Dark Spray Paints

Spray paints are great for DIY projects. They can be used in a variety of ways, and speed up what can oftentimes be a tedious process. Using a glow in the dark spray paint means you can enjoy your artwork no matter what time of the day it is.

The problem is that there are a large variety of choices, and finding the right product for you can be a bit of a pain. Here are the 6 best glow in the dark spray paints ranked from the best overall to it’ll do in a pinch.

Best Overall

Krylon K03102007 Fluorescent Indoor/Outdoor Aerosol Paint 8.0 Check Price

Best Mid Range

Rust-Oleum 278733 Specialty Spray Paint, Glow in The Dark Max 7.0 Check Price

Cheaper Choice

Rust-Oleum 267026, Glow in The Dark 7.0 Check Price

Montana Cans Montana EFFECT 400ml Night Glow Color Spray Paint 6.8 Check Price

Keson SP20GP Ultra-Mark Fluorescent Spray Paint 6.2 Check Price

Krylon K03150 Spray Paint 6.0 Check Price

1. Krylon K03102007 Fluorescent Indoor/Outdoor Aerosol Paint 

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Bright bold colors for maximum visibility and safety
Increase brilliance by 200% to 400%
Glows under ultra-violet (black light)
Apply over white base coat for optimum brightness
Bold, fluorescent c...

If you’re going for bright, bold, and in-your-face, whether it’s in the middle of the day or late at night, then Krylon Fluorescent Indoor/Outdoor Aerosol Paints are exactly what you need. The colors come with a bright pop that screams “look at me.” 

It isn’t a true glow in the dark paint, as it requires a black light to activate it, but it looks really cool. There are also plenty of colors ranging from orange, red, yellow, blue, green, neon pink, and red. Even though it doesn’t quite glow in the dark, the fact that is has such bright, beautiful colors was enough for us to rank it as the best mid-range product on this list.

  • Bold and bright
  • Lots of color choices
  • Requires a black light to activate

2. Rust-Oleum 278733 Specialty Spray Paint, Glow in The Dark Max 

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Brilliant spray paint that creates a glowing effect on ceramic, wood, metal, drywall, plastic and more in the dark when charged by light
Oil-based paint provides superior glow power for visibility ...

Rust-Oleum has been making paint products since 1921, which some might argue makes them experts. This paint proves that Rust-Oleum knows what they’re doing. 

To put it bluntly, the Rust-Oleum Glow in the Dark Max paint is the best of the best. It lasts longer, goes on smoother, and glows brighter than all the rest. That’s why we ranked it as the best overall. It’s simply hard to beat. 

This paint is designed for indoor and outdoor use, meaning you can go wild with it. Since the great outdoors has so many different elements that work against paint like rain, snow, and ice, it’s recommended that you reapply the paint for best effects.

The major downside to this particular paint is the price. It cost more than all the other products on this list, by quite a bit. Still, it’s the best for a reason, so if you’re looking for a paint that isn’t going to quit working after a month or two, this is probably your best bet. It also doesn’t work on dark surfaces. Whatever you’re painting must be coated with a white primer first, or else all your hard work will be for nothing. 

  • Long-lasting
  • Goes on smooth and glows brightly
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t work on dark surfaces

3. Rust-Oleum 267026, Glow in The Dark

Check Price

The product is 10OZ Glow In DK Paint
Elegant design and Finish
The product is manufactured in United States
Package Dimensions: 8.38" L x 5.63" W x 8.25" H

Once again, Rust-Oleum proves they know how to make good quality products, and this more basic glow in the dark paint is just another example of it. It’s easy to use, drys fast, and doesn’t quit working after a few days. 

The price is a little more expensive than other glow in the dark spray paints, but the fact that it has better ratings, and is still cheaper than the Rust-oleum Glow in the Dark Max was enough for us to rank it as best value.

Simply spray your first coat on and go from there. It might take several coats, but that’s typical for most spray paints. This paint glows an eerie green color which can last from 4 to 8 hours after being activated. Both artificial and natural light will activate it. For best results, it’s recommended that you start by applying a white primer or spraying over a light colored surface.

  • Easy to use
  • Dries fast
  • Long-lasting
  • High price
  • May take several coats

4. Montana Cans Montana EFFECT 400ml Night Glow Color Spray Paint

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For indoors and outdoors applications
suitable for all smooth, rough or light responding primed surfaces. e. g. metal, wood, hard plastics, primed carton, walls
Consider longer drying time dependin...

While it might look professionally done and has a variety of uses, this product is plagued by complaints of broken nozzles and a distinct lack of glow.

The broken nozzle might actually be a misunderstanding, however. There is no cap, which means Montana Cans had to figure out another way to keep the can from spraying paint all over the box it comes packaged in. This resulted in a protection ring that must be removed before the nozzle will work.

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for a variety of surfaces
  • Nozzle is either defective or difficult to use
  • Some consumers report a lack of glow

5. Keson SP20GP Ultra-Mark Fluorescent Spray Paint 

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Price For: Each

Like the Krylon product this is not a true glow in the dark spray paint, but does work under a black light. While Keson may not have the most high-quality paint, it comes in a variety of colors which is great for anyone who wants something more than green. It comes in pink, yellow, blue, orange, green, and even white.

It’s a water based paint as opposed to oil, and it has a shelf life of one year. This is nice if you have a future project in mind, but aren’t sure when you’ll have time to complete it.

  • Color variety
  • Long shelf life
  • Requires a black light
  • Lower quality than other options

6. Krylon K03150 Spray Paint

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The product is 6OZ Glow In Dark Paint
Elegant design and Finish
The product is manufactured in United States
Recharges with exposure to light
High night visibility
Ideal for bikes, sporting equipme...

This was another product that works better on paper than it does in reality. Most reviewers on Amazon report that it does indeed glow, but it’s very faint and doesn’t last long. 

This paint works well on things like bikes, camping gear, costumes, holiday decorations, kids’ room accents, light switch plates, porches and railings, and sporting equipment. Consumers reported that it doesn’t stick that well, however. 

  • Many different uses
  • Faint glow
  • Does not last long
  • Has trouble sticking 

When you want to give your project a little extra excitement, you’ll want to use the best glow in the dark spray paints for an unforgettable effect. The right product will bring vibrancy and character at a price that fits your budget. With these reviews, you’ll be able to select a paint that works great for you.