10 Best PVC Cutting Tools

Are you a DIY enthusiast or a professional plumber who is on the market for the best PVC cutting tools? If the answer is Yes, you came to the right post. Unlike other DIY tasks, home plumbing requires a keen eye and strong attention to detail because pipes come in different sizes and types. As such, most people get it wrong when sourcing for the right tools, and they end up cutting their PVC pipes inappropriately.

A good PVC pipe cutter must have a sharp blade that offers a clean, uniform cut straight through the pipe. Or don’t you want your plumbing tasks and repairs to be effortless and effective? We have made a list of the top ten PVC cutting tools that will help you achieve desired results with minimal effort. We’ve also done a comprehensive review of each of the tools, capturing their key features, pros, and cons. So let’s get to it.

Best Overall

RIDGID 23498 Model RC-1625 9.2 Check Price

Best Mid Range

DEWILL Ratchet-type Pipe and PVC Cutter 8.8 Check Price

Cheaper Choice

Superior Tool Company 37115 PVC Pipe Cutter 8.0 Check Price

PVC Cutter 8.0 Check Price

AIRAJ PRO PVC Cutter 9.0 Check Price

DUEBEL Pipe Cutter 8.6 Check Price

RIDGID 23488 Model PC-1250 9.2 Check Price

Milwaukee M12 12-Volt Cordless PVC Shear 9.0 Check Price

Libraton PVC Cutter 9.2 Check Price

Zantle Ratchet-Type Tube and Pipe Cutter 9.0 Check Price

1. RIDGID 23498 Model RC-1625

Check Price

Designed for cutting plastic (PVC, CPVC, PP, PEX, PE, rubber hose) and multilayer tubing
Features an easily replaceable X-CEL quick change blade
"Burr-less" cutting operation provides a square cut ...

Our first choice and top recommendation is the all-powerful RIDGID RC-1625. It has a replaceable X-CEL quick change blade that delivers fast, seamless, and precise cuts on the thickest of pipes. With this tool, you can effortlessly cut or shape pipes with an outer diameter capacity of ⅛” to 1⅝”.

What impressed us the most is this model’s ergonomic grips on the bottom handle. Aside from offering absolute comfort while working, they’re also spaced at ½” increments, thus serving as pipe measuring scales. It’s one of the best PVC cutting tools on the market.

  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic handle
  • The blade change process doesn’t require tools
  • The blade is very sharp
  • Therefore it requires absolute keenness

2. DEWILL Ratchet-Type Pipe and PVC Cutter

Check Price

【Ergonomic design】The pipe cutting machine adopts the ratchet drive technology to smoothly complete the cutting operation with one hand, which makes cutting more labor-saving and improves work effi...

If you’re looking for the best PVC cutter with a thickness of 2.5mm and a maximum opening capacity of 42mm, your search ends here. Made with an ergonomic design and a non-slip rubber handle, you’ll barely grow tired when using this tool.

Furthermore, the DEWILL Ratchet-Type Pipe Cutter applies the ratchet drive technology, enabling you to perform your cutting tasks with just one hand. It also has an automatic locking system that protects you from blade rebound.

  • Made of high-quality manganese steel for durability
  • The ergonomic design is easy to use
  • Highly versatile
  • The blade is susceptible to rust

3. Superior Tool Company 37115 PVC Pipe Cutter

Check Price

Extra-large capacity (up to 2")
Replacement part number 42771
Superior Tool 37115
2" PVC Cutter (Two Inch)

Superior Tool Company 37115 PVC Pipe Cutter is one of the best PVC cutting tools if you want value for your money. Cost-effectiveness, quality, and sustainability are all captured in this one-of-a-kind PVC cutter. It also has an extra-large capacity of up to 2″, plus longer handles so it takes less energy to cut larger pipes.

What’s more, the ratchet mechanism maximizes cutting of pipes with a diameter capacity of up to 2″ while minimizing effort.

  • Long handles
  • Relatively priced
  • User safety guaranteed
  • Suitable only for small projects

4. PVC Cutter

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Cuts up to 2-1/2" (outer diameter) pipes capacity, Tube thickness betweens 3-10mm
Adopts ratchet drive technology and arch angle design to greatly save your strength
Use for cutting the most kinds ...

Quality, innovation, reliability, and high performance are some of the core values that define this PVC cutter. If you’re looking for a unit that cuts up to 2½” of a PVC pipe’s outer diameter and a tube thickness of 3-10mm, then PVC Cutter has got you covered.

With a 4.0 manganese steel sharp blade, you can rest assured this tool will deliver straight, smooth, and uniform cuts with minimal effort. It also has ½” increments on the bottom handle, which serve as a pipe measuring scale.

  • Sharp blade for effortless cutting
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Not suitable for bulk projects

5. AIRAJ Pro PVC Pipe Cutter

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Durable: The blade is made of high-quality manganese steel, with high hardness, good enough, strong shear force and very durable, not easy to be strong.
Ratchet design: Professional cutter adopts s...

Manufactured with ratchet drive technology, AIRAJ’s labor-saving PVC cutter is highly protective of the user as it locks automatically to prevent blade bouncebacks. The long soft handle also minimizes effort while maximizing cutting with just one hand.

The most impressive part is that this PVC cutter can cut up to 42mm pipes with a thickness of 1″ to 1¼”. It also has a plastic buckle at the bottom for more safety and reliability.

  • Ratchet drive technology
  • Highly versatile
  • Sturdily constructed
  • The blade requires frequent rustproof oil application to prevent rusting

6. DUEBEL Pipe Cutter

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【UP TO 2.95 INCH】DUEBEL pipe cutter is ideal for cutting plastic pipe and tube, poly vinyl PVC CPVC PE PEX PP PPR O.D. rubber hose and multilayer tubing. Cutting capacity is up to 2.95 inch (75mm) ...

With a cutting capacity of up to 2.95″ (outer diameter), there’s no denying that the DUEBEL Pipe Cutter is one of the most robust tools you can come across. The unit’s blade is made of high-quality SK5 Teflon steel that is exceptionally durable, tough, and hard to rust.

The aluminum non-slip handle also upholds the verticality of the cuts while resisting wear and compression. The self-lock ratchet design also guarantees your safety while you use this unit.

  • High-quality and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Large cutting capacity
  • Requires absolute keenness to keep the cuts straight

7. RIDGID 23488 Model PC-1250

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Cuts plastic (PVC, CPVC, PP, PEX, PE)
Spring-loaded handles allow for faster positioning. Single stroke, easy cut
Features a reversible blade that provides two times the blade life; Not suitable fo...

The RIDGID 23488 model is a PVC cutter with a cutting capacity of ⅛” to 1⅝”, so you can work on lots of plumbing projects. It has a reversible blade that works for twice as long and efficient as the regular blades. Warning: do not cut multilayer tubing using the edge as it may get damaged.

PC-1250’s simple design makes it easy and quick to use. Also, it’s spring-loaded for faster positioning of the pipe and protection of the user.

  • High flexibility
  • Sharp blade
  • Simple to use
  • Not ratcheted

8. Milwaukee M12 12-Volt Cordless PVC Shear

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Patented Shear Mechanism: Allows for cuts up to 2-inch Schedule 80 PVC.
Quick Blade Return: Increases productivity in repetitive cuts.
Stainless Steel Blade and Aluminum Jaw: Impact, water and rust...

Are you a professional plumber looking for the best electric PVC cutter? If so, then the Milwaukee M12 12-Volt Cordless PVC Shear has got your cover. The tool has a cutting capacity of up to 2″, thanks to its patented shear mechanism. It offers professional razor-sharp and burr-free cuts in as fast as three seconds. Even more amazingly, you can make over 200 cuts in just one charge.

  • High performance and efficiency
  • Clean cuts
  • Compact design
  • A bit heavy

9. Libraton PVC Cutter

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【Heavy Duty & Premium Quality】The Libraton PPR pipe cutter body is made of durable hardness Aluminum Alloy Steel . The thick 2.5mm blade used is SK5 material with precision sharped and Teflon coate...

Are you in the market for a one-hand pipe cutter with a ratchet drive and a capacity of up to 42mm outer diameter? If so, then the lightweight yet sturdily constructed Libraton PVC Cutter is the perfect fit for you.

The unit has a 2.5mm-thick SK5 Teflon steel blade that cuts across the most rigid PVC pipes with little effort. The spring-loaded, ergonomic handle also guarantees comfort, faster positioning, and efficient cutting (in 5-20 seconds). It also has a quick-change system that enables you to replace the blade in as little as 10 seconds.

  • Heavy-duty
  • High-quality
  • Ergonomic handle for a firmer grip
  • Ratchet drive technology
  • May be susceptible to rusting in humid conditions

10. Zantle Ratchet-Type Tube and Pipe Cutter

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Use Area: Durable pipe cutter for cutting PVC, plastic & rubber tubing.Great helper for home handy man, plumbers, electricians, and vehicle mechanics.
Easy Operation:One-hand Fast Poly pipe cutter ...

The Zantle Ratchet-Type cutter is a durable PVC cutting tool suitable for any DIYer, plumber, vehicle mechanic, and electrician. The one-hand poly cutter has a cutting capacity of up to 1⅝”, and it leverages the ratchet drive technology to minimize energy.

What’s more, the unit has a stainless buckle at the bottom of the pipe cutter for safe locking when it’s not in use.

  • Easy to use
  • Makes straight cuts
  • User safety is guaranteed
  • The blade may rust when left outside

Final Remarks on the Best PVC Cutting Tools

Hopefully, this review of the best PVC cutting tools will help you make more informed decisions when looking for your next pipe cutter. In general, an efficient plumbing tool should have sharp blades, a ratchet mechanism, compact and sturdy design, and an ergonomic handle, among other features.

The good news is, all the tools we’ve reviewed above have all the incredible features you’d wish for in a PVC cutter. So head on to Amazon today, pick your favorite of the best PVC cutting tools, and let the plumping projects and repairs begin. Good luck!