6 Best Epoxy Resin Products for Wood

The use of epoxy resin is essential when creating things out of wood. Placed on any wood product, it usually ensures a protective surface against water, scratches, and chemicals. As a thermosetting polymer, epoxy resin has two parts to it: a resin and a hardener. Together, it helps create a more durable surface that all woodworkers know works. For those who use wooden furniture outdoors, especially, this takes away a huge burden of worrying about their tables or chairs being ruined by natural elements — but only if you use the best epoxy resin products for the job.

A lot of epoxy resin brands are out there, making it overwhelming for a smart buying decision.  So many of these products exist that it may seem impossible to whittle things down to a shortlist. Take a look at our handy guide on the six best epoxy resins in the marketplace today to make your shopping a little easier:

Best Overall

Pro Marine Supplies 9.5 Check Price

Best Mid Range

RBG Bar and Tabletop Epoxy 9.0 Check Price

Cheaper Choice

Art ‘N Glow Epoxy 8.5 Check Price

East Coast Resin Epoxy 8.5 Check Price

SRC Epoxy-It 80 8.3 Check Price

TotalBoat Epoxy Resin 8.0 Check Price

1. Pro Marine Supplies

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Designed for Table Tops, Bars, Wood finishes, See-Through Encapsulations, Art work, and other applications
Self Leveling and High Gloss U.V. Resistant Formula
Produces a Tough, High Gloss, Water Re...

One of the standout elements of Pro Marine Supplies epoxy resin is that it is produced in California, where they currently disallow VOCs. This means this product is one of the few environmentally friendly epoxy resins out there at the moment.

Along with UV protection (a must among the best resin brands), it also cures harder than most others available. It is even blush resistant, which is an important element to prevent moisture buildup and a less glossy appearance.

You can cover up to 48 square feet easily with a single container of Pro Marine, giving you a great product to cover large furniture items or a massive deck. Water resistance is another plus and something you should expect of any epoxy resin worth its value.

Their product is even marked safe by the FDA to eat off of if you use this to coat a wooden table. The only drawback is it requires a quick application before it starts curing.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cures hard
  • FDA approved
  • Requires a quick application

2. RTG Bar & Table Top Epoxy

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2-part, waterproof, ultra-clear epoxy resin coating for bar tops, countertops, and table tops.
Self-leveling formula cures to a tough, smooth, high-gloss finish that's scratch, stain, and impact re...

Available in a one-gallon kit, RTG Bar & Table Top Epoxy also leads the pack for use with specific wood products. As seen in the title, RTG’s epoxy resin is best for bars and table tops, though it’s also great for wood countertops.

As a two-part system, you get one quart of resin and one quart of hardener. Thanks to being blush-resistant (and heat-resistant up to 125°F), you can get your countertop or table coated in less than 45 minutes.

You can even create a 3D effect on your tabletops by using thin epoxy layers to embed objects like seashells or photos.

A notable standout after curing is it gives you the illusion the epoxy is still wet. Now you can enjoy a unique, mirror-like effect on wooden surfaces.

  • Blush resistance
  • Helps create layers on wooden tables
  • Offers a mirror-like effect after curing
  • Does not have clear directions, according to Amazon reviews

3. Art ‘N Glow Epoxy

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Use our clear epoxy resin for all of your casting AND coating applications. Hardens crystal clear and hard as a rock
Rigorous testing was done to ensure that our resin is a perfect match for all of...

Woodworkers appreciate Art ‘N Glow thanks to it being self-leveling, which saves a lot of time. This self-leveling system helps form a 1/16-inch thick skin for the ultimate protection.

Most impressive is how it helps prevent yellowing on your wood items. This should serve you well if you have wooden tables or chairs outdoors. With a degassing property, too, it can eliminate any bubbles on the surface.

Like Pro Marine (and other brands), it has no VOCs, making it a strong part of the family of green epoxy lines. What many woodworkers also appreciate is it has no odor, making it a great option for doing woodworking indoors with limited ventilation.

  • Self-leveling
  • Resists yellowing
  • No VOCs
  • No odors
  • One Amazon reviewer said their batch didn’t harden enough

4. East Coast Resin Epoxy

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Super Gloss Durable Finish
Water resistant
Self leveling
Detailed instruction included with each kit

East Coast Resin Epoxy is designed for when you need to get a woodworking project done in a hurry. You can cure this in less than 20 hours, making it ideal for when you’re working on a deadline.

One of their product standouts is that it is a crystal clear liquid, which gives a smoother look to any wooden surface. Like Art ‘N Glow above, it has no odor, one of many bringing this new feature to epoxy resin products.

Scratch protection and dry humidity protection are two key things that make East Coast a good buy. Their UV resistance was also updated and improved from prior versions.

While it’s safe to not use a mask while using this resin, many reviewers note that gloves are important to wear. It does get sticky if you get it on your fingers, so be prepared. One full gallon of East Coast helps cover up to 25 square feet, with a thickness of 1.5 to 2mm.

  • Quick curing
  • Crystal clear liquid
  • No odors
  • Gets a little sticky, requiring gloves

5. SRC Epoxy-It 80

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Crystal clear, glossy epoxy resin coating for tabletops, artwork, jewelry and more
Resistant against water, blush and impact, with excellent air release for fewer bubbles
Guaranteed fresh, quality ...

SRC Epoxy-It 80 is a very affordable brand while still offering top quality. Their initials stand for Specialty Resin & Chemical, bringing you just about everything you see with the brands above.

This resin’s features include blush resistance, water resistance, self-leveling capabilities, and a crystal clear formula. Unlike some epoxies, SRC promises production right here in the U.S.A.

It has a gloss finish after curing, and you can use this on virtually any wood product. One of those applications could even be stained wooden floors. Another highlight is it has excellent air release, so you never have to worry about inhaling fumes.

It comes straight from the manufacturer, and they guarantee every batch you buy is fresh. They even have full technical support available by phone if you need it. Customer reviews on Amazon are mostly positive, so add SRC to your shortlist.

  • Blush and water resistance
  • Works even on stained wood floors
  • Full technical support
  • A few Amazon customers say they had problems with curing

6. TotalBoat Epoxy Resin

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CRYSTAL CLEAR, HIGH GLOSS FINISH: Get stunningly clear, beautiful results on bar tops, table tops, and countertops. Ideal for kitchen and bath remodeling projects.

For those of you working with DIY wood crafts, consider going with TotalBoat Epoxy Resin. It offers a great glossy finish and professional results. They also cure with a smoothness resembling glass after cure time completes.

TotalBoat may also be the most environmentally-conscious epoxy out there. It has no VOCs, and it’s also BPA-free. Compared to others that still use harsh chemicals, it is well worth the price at $64.99.

The resin is reportedly easy to dye and tint besides, making it very popular with wood artisans. Also, it is easy to mix mica powder, alcohol-based inks, or liquid pigments into the formula.

Its only drawback is it does yellow when exposed to excess UV rays.

  • Works well with DIY wood crafts
  • No VOCs or BPA
  • Easy to dye and tint
  • Easily yellows when exposed to the sun

Finding the right epoxy resin comes down to numerous details, with curing time \at the top of the list for most woodworkers. Still, the little things like how well it hardens and how green it is are now becoming top priorities while creating a shortlist.