Best Universal Battery Chargers for All Power Tools

Finding the best universal battery charger that works for all power tools can be a bit tricky. There are so many sizes of tools and batteries that the chargers require a lot of adapters to work for different tools. In some cases, you might be better suited buying a battery charger that can work for all power tools within a certain brand. But, there are a couple great options that will work for any and all power tools.

You will want to consider how many brands of power tools you have. If you just have one brand, then you can stick with a charger that works for just that brand. If you have a lot of brands, consider something that has a lot of different adapters, so that most power tool batteries can fit into the charger. We reviewed everything you need to know about battery chargers, and our ratings also include things like how easy the batteries charge and what types of batteries can be charged with that charger.

Best Overall

SoulBay 30W Universal AC/DC Adapter 9.8 Check Price

Best Mid Range

Black and Decker 20V Charger 9.6 Check Price

Cheaper Choice

Makita DC 1804 7.2V — 18V 9.4 Check Price

P117 Charger for Ryobi 9.0 Check Price

Dewalt Battery Pack and Charger 8.8 Check Price

Craftsman 19.2 Volt Battery Charger 8.8 Check Price

1. SoulBay 30W Universal AC/DC Adapter

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Brand: NorthPada, UL listed
Input: AC 100-240V 0.3A 50/60Hz, Output: DC 6V 2A
Cable Length: 180cm/6Feet
For NordicTrack Elliptical A.C.T. PRO, AudioStrider 990 Pro, E5.5, E5.7, E7.1, E8.0, E9.0, El...

The Best Overall option is the clear choice if you have a lot of different power tools that require charging. With 8 adapter tips, you can easily plug in and charge most common power tools. The advanced secure technique gives you full protection over voltages and current as well as short circuits and too much temperature, making this a top choice when you consider safety. Any charger that comes with this many adapters should be a top choice for someone who has a lot of different types of batteries to charge. 

  • 8 adapter tips, making this the most versatile charger on our list
  • Micro USB Plug
  • Charges at 2 amps
  • Relatively high noise level
  • Can feel hot to the touch

2. Black and Decker 20V Charger

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Recharges batteries in 45 minutes or less
Multi-volt charging lets you charge 16-volt Max and 20-volt Max batteries
2.0 Amp Output
Lithium Ion

The Best Mid-Range option is great for fans of Black and Decker power tools. This charger not only charges your tools in less than 45 minutes but it also has multi-volt charging capabilities meaning you can charge either 16V or 20V batteries, making this charger quite versatile. You will love the fast charging capabilities of this unit.

  • Only takes 45 minutes to recharge batteries
  • Multi-volt charging capabilities
  • 2 amp output
  • Works best with Black and Decker tools
  • Can get hot to the touch due to its fast charging capabilities

3. Makita DC 1804 7.2V — 18V

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Charges both NiMH and nicd batteries
7.2V - 18V charger
1.3 - 3Ah (amp hour) rating
Durable outer housing for longer charger life

The Best Value on our list, this unit can charge both NiMH and Nicd batteries between 7.2 volts and 18 volts. The charger will last quite a long time and the wide variation of voltage makes this a great choice if you have different types of batteries to charge. This charger is the complete package and will give you the best bang for your buck. 

  • Charges from 7,2 volts to 18 volts
  • Can charge both NiMH and Nicd batteries
  • Longer charger life
  • Only for NiMH and Nicd batteries
  • Can take a while to fully charge the batteries

4. P117 Charger for Ryobi

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Replace for Ryobi P117 P118 P119 charger, Compatible with Ryobi 9.6v - 18v one plus batteries, include P100 P101 P102 P103 P104 P105 P107 P108 P109 P122 18 volt battery
Smart charging management, L...

Compatible with most Ryobi batteries, if you need a universal battery charger to charge your Ryobi tools, this is the choice. The LED indicators will show you the progress of your battery charge, so you can easily determine how charged the battery is.

  • LED temperature gauge lighting and LED indicator to show battery progress
  • 1-year warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied
  • Built-in safety precautions
  • Hot to the touch if plugged in for long periods

5. Dewalt Battery Pack and Charger

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Battery Type: NI-MH; Voltage: 18V; Capacity: 3700mAh.18V Battery Charger DC9310 for Dewalt 7.2V-18V Ni-Cad Ni-Mh Battery.
100% Compatible with Dewalt 18 volt DC759 DC970 DW9578 DE9039 DE9095 DE9096...

This is the best option if the majority of your power tools are from Dewalt, and you actually get an extra battery pack in addition to the charger. There are a lot of built-in safety features to protect against overheating and short circuits, so you can use this charger for hours without worrying about it overheating.

  • Comes with an extra battery pack
  • 100% compatible with all Dewalt power tools
  • Safeguard features to prevent against overheating and short circuits
  • Only charges NiMH batterie

6. Craftsman 19.2 Volt Battery Charger

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The Cell9102 Advantage : Professional power tool battery manufacturing factory, with dozens of research and development team.
High quality: The replacement craftsman 19.2 volt battery charger built...

Craftsman is one of the top tool brands in the market today, and this charger will help you charge any Craftsman power tool. Diagnostic detector built-in so each time your battery is charging the charger is investigating the quality of the battery and how long the battery will continue to work for.

  • Dedicated research and development team created this charger to maximize its effectiveness
  • Diagnostic detector built-in so this charger checks for battery problems every time it charges
  • 18-month warranty, and they will replace it free of charge if it fails within 18 months
  • Only good for Craftsman tools
  • Make sure the battery is situated correctly or it will not charge

You should now be ready to make an educated purchase after reading this product review and learning the tips and tricks behind each of these battery chargers. Most importantly, get ready to decide what the majority of your power tools are before making your purchase. Or go with the Best Overall, SoulBay 30W Universal AC/DC Adapter, as you can charge just about any power tool you want with this type of battery charger. It is still a good idea to get a battery charger that matches the brand of the majority of your tools since you will get the best charge for your batteries as the products were designed specifically for those tools.